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Sai Krishna Azad is one amongst the Top 3 Divorce lawyers in Hyderabad. He is having an experience of 13 years with 100% success rate with all divorce cases he has handled.

Divorce the word itself is painful for many. When you wish to proceed with a legal formality to relieve from your marriage, the hesitation, the doubts, fears, chaos in mind and heart needs an expert to handle along with the legal proceedings. We also provide consultation services to clear all your doubts and fears before you take the leap of faith in your life with us.divorce lawyers in hyderabad

We provide the best services as a legal entity to come out of your marriage within a reasonable time frame and with the best legal and mental support, anyone can give you. All our client information is maintained highly confidential. We understand your needs and provide the services which suit your needs.

We provide different services which you require right now like

  1. Consultation with the lawyer
  2. Drafting of legal notice to the spouse
  3. Filing of the case
  4. Any other services as related.

We undertake all sorts of cases like Mutual divorce, NRI divorce, Legal custody of the child, contested divorce proceedings etc.

Why are we the Best Family & Divorce Lawyer in Hyderabad

  • We provide the best in-person consultation services answering all your queries.
  • We provide online support to you via email or a chat or WhatsApp or a phone call
  • All our services are available 24*7, so you never feel alone. We are with you in this.
  • We have specialized and vast experience in dealing the best cases. Our relieved clients gave us the best testimonials.
  • We are updated with every single progress in the Divorce scenario in India.
  • However simple or complicated your case we can handle it for you and relieve you from your mental agony.
  • We are best Lawyers not only by the number of cases we have won but also by the way we handle our clients
  • Hire us and leave the rest to us.

Impоrtаnt tіps оn fіlіng оf dіvоrcе pеtіtіоn :

1.Thе pаrtіеs tо thе dіvоrcе shоuld bе sеpаrаtеd sіncе lаst оnе yеаr frоm thе dаtе оf fіlіng оf thе pеtіtіоn fоr dіvоrcе.

2. A Hindu son can divorce his wife on the basis of cruelty ground for seperating him fromi his aged parents. Recent judgement from supreme court of India. [Watch Video ]
3..Thе dоcumеntаry prооf оf mаrrіаgе bеtwееn thе pаrtіеs іs tо bе fіlеd bеfоrе thе cоurt.
4. Thе phоtоgrаphs оf thе pаrtіеs аrе аlsо fіеld аlоng wіth thе pеtіtіоn.
5. Thе prооf оf rеsіdеncе оf thе pаrtіеs іs аlsо tо bе fіlеd bеfоrе thе cоurt.

Sеrvіcеs оffеrеd by Best Law firms in Hyderabad

– Nаmе Chаngе
– Crіmіnаl Cаsеs
– Fаmіly Cаsеs
– Prоpеrty Lаw
– Vіоlаtіоn оf Humаn Rіghts
– Prоmіssоry Nоtе Lаw
– Nоtаry & Dееds
– Legal Services for NRI’s

What is Divorce?

NRI's, Where to get divorced?

Top Reasons For Divorce?

What is Awaiting Divorce?

What is Ex Parte Divorce?

Hindu son can divorce wife if she tries to separate him from aged parents


  1. After my filing for divorce, the guy left to another city and is not ready to come back for the hearing. What can be done?



  1. How can I get a divorce legally when my husband is abusive and tortures me



  1. Are NRI divorce valid in India?


4.What is Mutual consent divorce?

a) Divorce by Mutual Consent means when both Husband and wife has agreed amicably amongst themselves that they cannot live together anymore and that the best solution is to Divorce, without putting forth any allegations against each other, in the court of law, than such a Divorce petition presented jointly before the honourably court, is known as mutual consent Divorce, it is the quickest form of divorce in India. Source

  1. how to file divorce in india from abroad?



  1. Top reasons for divorce in India?
  • Communication gap and lack of time
  • Conflicts with in-laws and husband
  • Forced marriages
  • Misuse of 498a
  • Adultery
  • Incompatible sex life and etc.,
  1. Grounds for divorce?
  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Impotency
  • Uncurable/Chronic diseases and etc.,




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